The Problem Of Suspected Bullying Essay

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When dealing with someone who is being bullied they may often be upset and it’s very important to take the problem seriously. The child/young person must be listened to in a safe and confidential environment where they are able to express their distress without fear of being embarrassed and where they are free from reprisals. In any case of suspected bullying, concerns about possible signs or changes in behaviour should be reported to the designated person. It is necessary to take what the child says seriously as it will take a lot of courage to report it. Reassure the child that they are not to blame and explain that it will be need to be passed onto someone who can help them. Write down any observations or what has been said but keep the information secure. Never promise to keep the information a secret or draw conclusions, only report what has been noticed or reported. It is necessary to keep lines of communication open with the child concerned and to update them of any outcomes both, positive and negative. Support must be given on an ongoing basis so that they don’t feel as though they are alone.
Some parents may really struggle to help their child who is being bullying. Some parents may have to cope with the information that their child is a bully. It is necessary to discuss what has happened with parents and work out a plan with them for handling the situation. It is important to listen to parents and let them explain how they feel. Share useful information so they

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