The Problem Of Test Anxiety

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When you take a test there are many factors that play a part in how you are going to perform or how you will react once you feel the pressure of the test itself. In this paper im going to talk about ways that Kristen can cope with her issues of “freaking out”, “going blank” or when the information “doesn’t stick” when she needs to recall it for a test. I’m going to try and give some tips and pointers for Kristen to use so that she can deal with these issues that she experiences when she is taking tests. The first thing that she points out which is an issue for her is “freaking out”. Freaking out can come from test anxiety. The first example for when someone might be experiencing test anxiety is due to being under prepared, one of the main reasons for test anxiety is cramming because some students do not apply study skills on a regular basis so when the time comes to actually study they immediately become nervous and freak out because they realize how much they don’t know about their upcoming test. The feeling of being under prepared can lead to test anxiety and poor performance. One way that Kristen can avoid this issue is to pay attention to test details, what this means is that when the teacher is giving out information about an upcoming test such as questions that’ll appear on the test she should jot them down as she may use strategies to prepare for different types of test questions. She can also find students or teachers who have previous experience with the course

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