The Problem Of The Criminal Justice System

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It is impossible to know the exact components that contribute to crime. There are a variety of known factors that play a role, such as physical, sexual and substance abuse, poverty, lack of education and mental health. Solutions needs to be found for each different factor. When considering our nations criminal justice system, it is vital that we focus more on providing mental health care, education, drug treatment, and counseling, rather than forcing all delinquents into jails and prisons. Imposing a life of loneliness, separation, and discrimination is harmful. These things do not promote change for the better. Optimism, effort and opportunity allow for change. This country has a broken criminal Justice System. Our criminal justice system benefit’s our country by allowing residents to know that crime is taken seriously. Prisons work to discourage people from committing crimes, or at least to not get caught. It is accurate to seek punishment to prevent people from doing bad things. It is necessary that everyone can feel safe. Humans need consequences for their actions. In the interest of all people, this has been the original intention of our justice system. Although, as a result of this approach, it is understood that in the United States of America, we have the highest percentage of incarceration in the world. The fact is, there is no proof that this is helping society by ending or preventing crime. The protection society needs is dependent upon rehabilitation. There

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