The Problem Of Tobacco Cessation And Its Effects On Health And Well Being Of The Community Essay

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In an effort to reduce avoidable hospital use and promote a more financially viable and high performing healthcare system, DSRIP has proposed multiple solutions to reach this goal. This program aims at redesigning the Medicaid system through domains that introduce new facets that build off of new or old projects. Domain four primarily deals with the State 's Prevention Agenda on its intended influence to population-wide health. A specific project introduced in this domain focuses on promoting tobacco use cessation in low socioeconomic status populations and those with poor mental health. The objective of this prevention project is to decrease the prevalence of cigarette smoking in adults ages 18 and older, along with promoting the use of tobacco cessation services. This includes programs that enhance NYS Smokers ' Quitline and nicotine replacement products. The online research toolkit explains the rationale behind focusing on tobacco cessation to promote health and well-being of the community. Previous research by the New York State showed that tobacco addiction is the leading preventable cause of morbidity and cigarette use alone causes about 25.000 deaths in the state (New York State Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program Project Toolkit). The toolkit also describes how tobacco use can increase the risk of developing diseases such as lung and oral cancer, heart disease, stroke and COPD. Some of the proponents of tobacco use cessation strengthen their argument
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