The Problem Of Violence Against Women Essay

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Other than the struggling woman under domestic violence, the purview of violence stretches long. This work tries to look into all the aspects of violence against women. From the horrifying domestic violence to the ridiculous political violence, in form of the haphazard laws and amendments. It goes further to check the role of police in it who are supposed to be the administrators and defenders against any evil. Some of the examples are shown in Table 1. Table 1. Examples of Violence against Women S No. Life Stage Examples 1. Infancy Infanticide • psychological and physical abuse • differential access to food and medical care 2. Childhood • Female genital cutting • Incest and sexual abuse • Psychological abuse • Differential access to food, • Medical care and education • Prostitution • Trafficking • School-related gender-based violence 3. Adolescence • Dating and courtship violence • Economically coerced sex • Sexual abuse in the workplace, rape, sexual harassment • Forced prostitution, trafficking, psychological abuse • Forced marriage, dowry abuse, retribution for the crimes of others • Reproductive Intimate partner abuse, marital rape • Dowry abuse, honour killings, partner homicide, • Psychological abuse, sexual abuse in the workplace • Abuse of women with disabilities, forced prostitution, trafficking 4. Old Age • Widow Abuse • Elderly abuse • Rape and neglect 2. Background Some historians believe that the history of violence against women is tied to the history
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