Domestic Abuse And Police Arrests Essay

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Through, the years Domestic abuse and police arrests has impacted society because the police officers failed to provide equal protection towards women who are victims towards sexual abuse. Therefore, the policy reform was established to reduce crimes and political power. However, violent crimes have been categorized with higher rates of proscution.Women were not provided with equal protection against domestic abuse and increased the rate of victims who are incarcerated. Women who encountered domestic violence have been arrested for self-defense. Victims of domestic abuse have been physically forced and violently assault in order to take advantage of them and form authority over them. In order to understand the social world we need to include women experiences towards domestic violence and mandatory arrest in order to reduce crimes and prevent victims from being incarcerated. First, Domestic violence is any use of physical or sexual force that threatens the victim by humiliating their dignity. The abuser frightens the partner by making them feel powerless and useless. For example, superiority towards an abuser causes fear because an individual would look at the person who has power to be superior to them In a domestic violence act this will cause shame because the person would be conscious of himself and his actions. Therefore, the person would define themselves to be inferior because they would believe that if they do not act a certain way they wouldn’t be

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