The Problem Of Youth Homelessness

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Throughout the United States, there is a large group of individuals that go unnoticed. Hidden in right plain sight, but are overlooked. They can be our friends, family, classmates, or the person standing right next you to at this moment. There are young individuals who are facing the tremendous challenge of being homeless. They are overlooked by many in society. However, there have been countless individuals, groups, and organizations dedicated to ending youth homelessness. Though, they are confronted with challenges due to the lack of interest. The lack of interest found within society can contribute to barriers to ending youth homelessness.
What is Youth Homelessness?
Youth homelessness can be define as young individuals, ranging from age 12 to around 25, who are without any support from their families, and are either living on the streets or at a shelter. There are often “referred to as “unaccompanied” youth.” (National Coalition for Homelessness (NCH), 2007). Unaccompanied youths can be categorized as runaway-homeless youths, throwaways, and independent youths. Runaway- homeless youths are youths that leave home without any parental permission. Youths that leave their homes because parents encourage them to leave are categorized as throwaways. The final classified as independent youths who leave home because of family conflicts or other issues. (Aratani, 2009).
Since many youths go unnoticed by society, statistics collected on the number of homeless youths are
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