The Problem With Gun Ownership

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“The US has the highest rate of gun ownership in the world and the highest firearm homicide rate in the developed world” (Martin). While America is transfixed about creating the perfect world, there are more important concerns dealing with the lives of individuals who are in danger if guns are prohibited. The problem with guns is obvious, but has not been dealt with because it is a large problem that takes time, money, and patience that the government is not will to do or wait for. While others believe that it is better to fix the problem through perusing peace, nevertheless, there are ways to combat the present evil of society, such are; Smart guns, physical and mental evaluations, and an ample amount of time to process thorough …show more content…

“There were a total number of 1,039 people who died who used guns as self-defense” (Missions Charts and Maps). Hitler who took away guns had mass murder take effect because people did not have any weapons to protect them. America should not have to repeat history. “Gun owners increasingly cite protection as the main reason they own a gun” (Why Own a Gun?). In the chart above a large percent say that having a gun makes them feel safer states from the people who personally own it. “While protection is a major reason that gun owners give for having a weapon, safety also is a top concern among those in a non-gun household who express discomfort with having a gun in their home” (Why Own a Gun?). Although guns might be dangerous, they can save your life. Guns are a way to feed a family, a way to provide for safety, and a way of life in the twenty first century. Gun ownership comes with a lot of responsibility and practice. Not only does owning a gun allow for families to hunt, but provides meals for their children. “Just 32% say they have a gun primarily for hunting and even fewer cite other reasons, such as target shooting” (Why Own a Gun?). Guns, such as, rifles and pistols can be used for more than stopping the hearts of animals, but for a sport that allows for enjoyment and happiness to be showed through shooting targets. The Bill of Rights has been amended twenty seven times. The Second Amendment states “The right of people to keep and bear arms

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