The Problem of Acid Rain

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Acid rain is a widespread problem, one that plagues the environment the world over. Acid Rain is the resultant by-product of burning fossil fuel which in-turn mixes with moisture in the atmosphere and falls to the ground as rain, snow, sleet, etc. Acid deposition is a more precise name than acid rain because acid can precipitate in several forms, as stated previously. It can also combine with dry particles and fall to the ground; therefore it is called dry deposition whereas acid coming down in rain is called wet deposition.

Generally, the public has known about air pollution since the Roman philosopher, Seneca, remarked on his hometown’s polluted skies in AD 61. Even though people were aware of the problem, they chose to remain ignorant to its effects and repercussions. Up until the last century people have ignored the problem of air pollution including air pollution's most dangerous problem, acid rain. Acid rain is devastating to the ecosystem and is one of the most pressing environmental issues today.

Acid rain forms in the atmosphere from chemicals created by the burning of fossil fuels. When coal and oil are burned they release sulfur dioxide (SO2) and two nitric oxides, nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) designated by the symbol NOX. These dangerous chemicals come from the smoke that pours from factory chimneys and exhaust from car tail pipes. Once released, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides react with other chemicals in the air, water
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