The Problems Faced By The International Students Without A Social Security Number At Pittsburg State University

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Review of literature: The problems faced by the International students without a Social Security Number at Pittsburg State University.
The study conducted by Savage (2007) describes when international students arrive in the United States, students are challenged by the many issues: language, academics and they have to adjust to many things like living, making communication, cultures, weather, transportation because they vary from one region to another region (Savage, 2007) The other types of difficulties international students face when they move to USA are finding a place to live, communicating with foreign citizens, adjusting to the teaching style and getting essential utilities for their daily needs. Finding new people to making friends with is also important for international students in order to build their social status. Discrimination is another issue that mainly international students have to overcome (Savage, 2007). Other tasks international students have to figure other than studying are finding a job, obtaining a Social Security Number and obtaining a driver’s license. International students also face difficulty in adjusting to the new transition in their studying environment. Due to the language barrier, international students may feel uncomfortable while interacting with office workers in order to obtain SSN’s and also in fulling their daily needs (Savage, 2007).
Difficulties as an International Student:
Language Barriers:

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