The Problems behind Immigration Essay

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Live is like a sea it has it’s calm times and it’s angry time you just have keep your boat stable until this waves pass away and continue on your way but some people use these waves as excuse to run away and escape from facing their troubles and problems. if you ask anyone what is your favorite place on this earth? And the place he or she feels comfortable the most? The answer will be home, so how would you feel if you had to leave your home for any reason there could be? Escaping your problem is not one of them. Immigration is a very delicate problem that almost every country faces these days, so how we can solve this problem? First we have to look at the reasons and try to solve them from the bottom and immigration is no good for …show more content…

Another disadvantage of immigration is concerned with the social aspect and here I mean working parents who leave not only their countries but also their families which can cause major problems in the society because children who are raised by only one parent are going have problems because they miss their fathers or mothers and there is no guarantee that they are going to see them in along time which is like they are orphans who can’t see their parents and miss them. Although some countries support family based immigration like the united states of America but in certain situations like in order to be admitted through the family preference system, a U.S. Citizen or LPR sponsor must petition for an individual relative (and establish the legitimacy of the relationship), meet minimum income requirements and sign an affidavit of support stating that they will be financially responsible for their family member(s) upon arrival to the United States. (American immigration council, November 4, 2010). As you see there is more harm than good for immigration.

Some political reasons can be the problem of immigration for an example some countries don’t give out visas for certain nationalities because of political issues between them like war and

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