The Problems of Single Parenthood Essay

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In the trajectory of humanity, single parenting has become a concept internationally accepted by most modern cultures. What exactly causes single parenthood? Well there are many factors in which could result in a single parent household. Death of a partner, divorce, and unintended pregnancy are just some of the causes of single parenthood. Based on this worldwide acknowledgement and understanding, single parenthood is usually aided by monetary help from the government or unions. Although financial help is available, the psychological effects a child goes through could never be fixed by any type of cash value. These psychological traumas and mental changes could affect the parent raising the child as well. Even with some financial help, …show more content…

The second tip is also indispensably truthful, but more and more couples are experimenting sex without any sort of protection which periodically results in that unwanted pregnancy or how most people refer to it today, "an accident." Single parenthood is an epidemic that will bypass any tip regarding sex and marriage. This tells us that it could happen to anybody no matter the circumstance. Even those children who are "planned" still face the risk of single parenthood. They could end up being raised by one parent because the marriage no longer worked. As long as there is a chance of disbandment in a relationship, the risk of single parenthood is always there. The factors leading to single parenthood are endless. A revision in a parenthood magazine gave us a study of 150 rape cases in a small town, out of those 150, 100 of the women were impregnated and 50 of those women ended up having the child. Next time that you hear a tip regarding single parents, think that it isn't as easy as it sounds and that there's always a loophole. The countless causes of single parenthood all have one thing in common: a psychologically affected parent and child. Evidently, there is a higher chance of a psychological trauma in a child with one parent than one who has both. In addition to this finding, the American Psychological Association performed a study in Sarasota, Florida which surveyed 100 single parents in which 89% were clinically diagnosed with depression. All of these parents

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