The Procedure Of Arranged Marriages

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In this paper I will discus the procedures in which a person goes through in arranged marriages. We must first understand what arrange marriages is, its procedures and its traditions before we can talk about love marriages in comparison to it. Love marriages are marriages that are done based on love and individuals often know enough about their mate they are getting married to. My main focus in this paper is about arranged marriages in India and what individuals go through in this type of marriage. Growing up I always knew that when one become of age and is in love with the someone, that’s when one can make the decision to get married to that person they fell in love with and do not even need the consent of their family. However, in arrange marriages this is not the case, the bride and groom gets wed thanks to their family. Any objection against an arranged marriage can lead to disruption among the family. There as even been reported deaths of the individuals who refuse to get married which are mostly the women. What is an arranged marriage? According to the article, “marriage without love” arranged marriage is the combining of the two families or in some cases the entire village brought together through the union of marriage. In this type of marriage these individuals do not have any say to which they will marry and in many cases have never even met their bride or groom. In our society love marriages are about the union of a bride and groom, which does not necessarily
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