The Process Of Career Selection

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The process of career selection is greatly influenced by life events that we experience. There are certain life experiences that stir us away for certain work environments in large part because of the displeasure for a particular work environment. We learn through life experiences that we been through and it makes us realize we want in life as well as careers that we desire. Additionally, important figures such as fathers, mothers, and other role models also play a vital role in the working environment that we decide to work in. Krumboltz Social Learning Theory (2006) vividly illustrates the fact that unpredictable social factors, chance events and environmental factors are important influences on clients’ lives. Therefore, assessing and …show more content…

Therefore, generalization about ones abilities contributes to the working environment that one chooses. People began to question and limit themselves to working environments that they are accustomed to but not necessarily enjoy.

e. strategies for assessing abilities, interests, values, personality and other factors that contribute to career development Assessment tools can enable students to review and reflect on their knowledge about themselves. Hence, learn about ones own strengths and weakness, values, and personality can make career decisions simpler. For example, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) (2006) is an assessment tool that counselors can utilize to classify people by their personality type. Once you have a better overall understanding of yourself it provides clarity about the different aspects of ones personality. The Strong Interest Inventory (2006) is another assessment tool that counselors can use to assess the student’s career interests and provide students with career exploration opportunities based on their career interests. I have taken the MBTI and it helped me get a thorough understanding of myself. As a result, I discovered things I did not know about myself. For example, based on my personality type I learned how I naturally receive and give information that helped me communicate more effectively. In addition to that I am able to make better decisions based on my personality preferences and as a result, desired outcomes

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