The Process Of Making And Changing Laws Varies Throughout Regions, Cultures And Religions

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Mid Term #2 Prompt 1
The process of making and changing laws varies throughout regions, cultures and religions. This trend applies to all religions, no matter how similar they may appear. Take for example, Catholicism and Judaism; religions that share common traits in beliefs, customs and law. These similarities may lead people to believe their legal process of legal change is also cognate, but that is not the case. Although their process of legal change may appear as similar, the key differences are highlighted through the legislators and the necessity of deriving law from an authoritative text. The factors that affect these differences relate to the structure of the organization, the governing body, and the purpose behind the creation of religious law in each system. Judaism’s and Catholicism’s legal process are alike in many different ways. For example, although rabbinic responsa and papal decretals seem completely different in definition, they share common characteristics. Responsa is defined as the “answers to questions submitted by someone having communal authority to someone having greater communal authority” (“Law and religion in Judaism”, 46) The community asks questions regarding law, and the rabbis, an authoritative source, reply with a binding answer. On the other hand, papal decretals are laws and rules issued by the pope. The denotation of these processes sound completely different, but their similarity lies in the nature of papal decretals. The majority of
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