The Process of the Western Expansion into South East Asia

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The process of the Western Expansion into South East Asia occurred in two phases. These two phases can be characterized by their unique features, which differentiated them from one another. Historical records have shown that, the expansion was facilitated by the major Western Imperial powers, as known as: The United States of America, Holland, Britain, and France. In addition, historical doctrine have shown that, there were certain economic and social factors that facilitated the occurrence of the differences between their first and the second phase of the expansion into the South East Asia (Schoppa, pg.23, 2008). This discussion will focus on the differences between the first and the second phases of the expansion, as well as the factors that facilitated the occurrence of these differences.
The first phase of Western expansion into South East Asia was when the Western Imperialists invaded the South East Asia and facilitated a division of the region in relation to territories; this was compared to their division of Africa into various nations. As Professor Giebel mentioned in his lecture: The British took complete control of the Indonesian Islands while the French took control of Indochina (Giebel, 4/23). However, a scenario characterized this period where, the French, the Dutch and the British took control of the South East Asia region (Schoppa, pg. 29, 2008). On the other hand, during the second phase of the expansion, the United States of America was involved in the act
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