The Progressive Movement Of The American Progressive Era

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When it comes to the American Progressive Era there is really no other movement like it. This was a movement that had not just one but many faces that ranged from people as big as Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson to people like Jane Addams that accomplished so much. It was a movement so broad that it encompassed basically everyone and spoke not just to but for all those excluded from power. It also wasn’t just one big movement but a conglomeration of them varying from social, to economic, to political. After the Gilded Age and the rapid start of Industrialization many Americans were concerned that urbanization as well as trusts and monopolies were taking over the nation. In theory the Progressive movement was a response to this as well as the breakdown of representative government, the exploitation of women and children, and the growth of financial and industrial concentration.
Jane Addams particular role in the movement showed how it wasn’t just the unhappy elite or middle class who wanted change but also the women, immigrants, blacks, and the poor. With the writing of her book Twenty Years at Hull-House Addams wanted to share the beliefs and ideals that she had always nurtured and tried to accomplish. This was her belief in bringing all members of society into the scope of democracy and to reach a compromise that protected the rights of the individual while fulfilling the need of the nation as a whole. Progressives as a whole usually drew from either the Social…
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