The Promised Land How It Changed America Analysis

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In his speech, Eugene V. Debs alleges,”I am my brothers keeper. I am under a moral obligation to him”. He makes a good point as he's not referring to his real brother but to all of mankind and the fact that some can't help themselves and require help so it's our duty to help others when needed. People are instinctively made to work together. Whether they want basic human interaction or not, there is a need for it which has been programmed into them but can be easily reprogrammed because of anti-socialism, greed, pride and arrogance. In the article,”The Promised Land: The Great Black Migration and How It Changed America (1991),” the author, Lemann Nicholas who was a writer at this time, explains deeply,”Blacks have been flocking to cities since after the Civil War looking for better jobs and some political freedom. The labor shortage after 1914 brought millions more to the cities, but the problems they face are no less difficult than what they left behind on the Southern farms. Up north they face economic discrimination instead of just political. They piled into neglected and overcrowded sections like Harlem,…show more content…
In the article,”The New City: Urban America in the Industrial Age, 1860-1920 (1985),” written by Raymond A. Mohl, the author illustrates,”On the way, one might pass all sorts of new arrivals to the city. See that young man talking about how things are different on the farm where he's from? He is just part of the large country-to-city migration that's taken place within my lifetime”(Mohl). Mohl illustrates in this quote that because of people moving to the city from the countryside have never seen these new inventions before. They experienced many wonders that they could only dream of, which in turn brought more people out not only for jobs but for chances to see these wonders in
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