The Promises and Perils of Nuclear Power Essay examples

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SCI215 M4-Assignment 1: Discussion—The Promises and Perils of Nuclear Power
Nuclear power refers to the generation of electrical energy by controlled nuclear reactions. These reactions produce heat, which in turn creates steam that runs the generators to produce electricity. Approx. 1/8 of the electricity worldwide generated comes from nuclear energy. In this task, you will analyze the use of nuclear energy as a resource energy.

* Discuss the scientific and technical concepts related to the use of nuclear power as an energy resource. Address the following in your response:

* How is energy released in a nuclear reaction?

Energy is released in a nuclear reaction when there is a change of an unstable to a stable …show more content…

CO2 and methane from the primary contributors to the greenhouse effect, while carbon monoxide is very toxic. The only gaseous exhaust is water vapor produced by nuclear reactors. Later expiration dates than fossil fuels, the reserves of uranium in the earth can hardly be called 'endless', thorium, which is much more abundant, could supply electricity to the world for at least half a Millennium. Fossil fuel reserves are, even by the most confident forecasts, hopes that have been exhausted at the time. The main drawback to using thorium as nuclear fuel is that naturally found form (isotope) of thorium is not fissile, unlike natural uranium format found. The isotope natural thorium must be transformed into a fissile material before it can be used as nuclear fuel. Although uranium is currently the nuclear fuel of choice, many countries, the one that stands out is India, they have recognized massive research on the suitability of the thorium as a replacement for uranium, and we could soon have thorium fuel our nuclear reactors instead of uranium. Nuclear Fusion research in progress could well announce its arrival as a source of universal energy. Fusion of two nuclei of hydrogen to form a molecule of helium, which is most widely used. The fusion reaction produces exponentially more energy than fission. The amount of energy manufactured by fusion

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