The Proposition of a Museum Design for Media Essay examples

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Research conducted over the past decade has shown the important role new media plays in contemporary society. While many of us engage with new media in our daily lives, the ideals behind archiving, curating, and exhibiting it are still difficult to approach. As more types of new media and digital media are created, we struggle as interior designers to understand how to represent these works spatially. The proposition of a museum for new media will be outlined by assessing a variety of emerging topics. Investigation regarding the historic ideologies of object oriented artwork as well as classic philosophies of the art scene will be contrasted to the modernized requirements of new media. Opportunities regarding displays, casework, and …show more content…

Creating an engaging experience which encourages the presence of audience participation as well as a space which facilitates interactions at a human-scale plays a crucial role (Xia & Li, 2009, p. 3). Research regarding anthropometrics and user interaction could assist in the programming of these issues. Exhibiting and archiving new media in the most appropriate manner is an important consideration during the design phase of this typology. Xia and Li (2009) state that “The essential purpose of exhibition is the transmission of information. We need to transmit the information from the exhibits to the public and improve their understanding” (Xia & Li, 2009, p. 1). Designing a space which facilitates improved user comprehension could be accomplished through research regarding lighting, air quality, signage, or other interior factors. Poor lighting or signage could affect the users understanding of the works in the museum, therefore attention to detail as well as craftsmanship will play an important role. The typology of a new media museum also allows for experimentation within the realm of design. Many of the projects being exhibited are met with a variety of spatial constraints and opportunities. Designing a space which allows the work to interact with users in a harmonious environment is an experimental process. Shelly Bernstein, the Chief of

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