The Pros And Cons Of Abortion

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The abortion debate has been controversial in the US for decades. Several debates have occurred on whether to legalize abortion or not. Those who are pro-abortion indicate that abortion is a good act since the mother has the right make personal choices. However, individuals who are against abortion assert that abortion is an evil practice as it leads to life termination. It is a form of murder, and it limits the right of the fetus to live. Despite the numerous controversies about abortion, the US has legalized abortion though there are some strict conditions that women must meet to do the abortion. I am of the opinion that abortion is a wrong act that should not be practiced in the society. The paper presents the core reasons why abortion is inappropriate. Abortion involves pregnancy termination with the core aim of killing the fetus. In the US, the laws about abortion started appearing in the 1820s, and they prohibited abortion after 28 weeks of pregnancy. Even with the laws against abortion, there were still numerous cases of illegal abortion, which necessitated the need to ban the act completely. To prevent abortion, feminists advocated for birth control techniques that are effective and safe. Approximately all states in the US by 1965 banned abortion with only certain exceptions such as rape cases, deformed fetus, or mother’s life is at risk. In 1973, the US Supreme Court ruled that abortion is legal in Roe V. Wade’s case (Manninen 35). The ruling lifted restrictions on

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