The Pros And Cons Of Animal Testing

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Throughout the years, controversial topics such as animal testing have morphed into a variety of different questions. Scientists are always coming up with new topics to debate. Many people often overlook the effects of animal testing. This has been going on for decades since many are unaware of the results and the damages animal testing can cause. However, as time progresses, more people are becoming more informed about this and taking it into action. Animal testing is cruel and inhumane since many innocent animals’ lives are being taken due to our selfish needs. During 2000-2010, scholars argued that animal testing can be reduced or improved in other ways rather than eliminated completely. Although, from 2010 and on that conversation has changed to whether or not computer programming could work as a permanent alternative since there was research that proved this experiment to be valid. Such as, in vivo testing, which literally means ‘in glass’ experimentations that does not require animals at all.
Before 2010, researchers used the three R’s method, founded by Russell and Burch, which was to replace, refine, and reduce animal testing. People back then did not perceive animal testing as such a big issue as it is today since many were unaware of the conditions of animal experiments. According to Jayshree, researchers suggest refining the environment for the animals to reduce their stress and hormonal level rather than completely eliminating animal testing (1038). Due to

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