Little Boy Research Paper

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“The city was hidden by that awful cloud . . . boiling up, mushrooming, terrible and incredibly tall," said Colonel Paul Tibbets, pilot of the modified B-29 bomber that dropped the world’s first atomic bomb over Hiroshima. The bombings resulted in the death of thousands, including not only Japanese citizens, forces, and military but also American captive soldiers. In the midst of World War II the United States forced Japan to surrender by dropping bombs in the major cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They released the second atomic bomb shortly after, in Nagasaki, Japan.
“Little Boy” and “Fat Man” were the first atomic bombs created, and delivered revolutionary damage. Little Boy was the first bomb to detonate over Japan. Approximately 90% of people within half a mile from the location of the explosion died almost instantly. Only about 10% of buildings in Hiroshima remained standing or undamaged. The massive explosion happened so fast that clothing patterns burned into the skin of victims far enough away to avoid instant death. Along with this, the blinding flash of light …show more content…

Just three days later, Japan refused to acknowledge the declaration’s request. The United States began performing tests using “gadgets,” much smaller versions of the newly created atomic bombs, to ensure that Little Boy would work properly. The day after the bomb was ready to launch, a typhoon hit Japan delaying the mission for several days. Japan used this time to attack the USS Indianapolis by submarine, causing it to sink. Many died as a result, and survivors weren’t rescued until three days after. Little boy completed its assembly on July thirty-first, and was officially assigned its target, Hiroshima. Little Boy flew over Japan and dropped from the B-29 bomber on August

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