The Pros And Cons Of Books

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Books are challenged/banned all over the world because of their content. But they shouldn’t be. Books are tools and are very important to help students learn and grow. Books are used for leaning, entertainment, and many movies/shows are based on books. Books are banned/ challenged mostly by parents and students because of language, violence, and other things in the book that bother them. For example, the novel Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. The book is based on the characters Clay Jensen, and Hannah Baker, and their peers. In the book, Hannah is a girl that killed herself but left behind 13 tapes that told the “story of her life” and why “her life ended”. The book includes Hannah’s reasons for her to take her life and they’re very realistic and detailed reasons. The book is from Clay’s point of view, and about Clay’s feelings and reactions toward Hannah’s death and tapes. Thirteen Reasons Why shouldn’t be banned not only because it’s a very good book, but because this book can help many people. This novel can help teenagers understand that the things they say can hurt people and cause their personal problems to grow. It also shows them that their actions matter a lot. To begin, the things that people say to others can affect them in many ways. Words can hurt people for a very long time, and can cause for their personal problems to grow. To show this, in the book Hannah talks about her first kiss with Justin, and about the rumors that were said about that kiss. “Well,

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