The Pros And Cons Of Capital Punishment

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Capital punishment has been utilized as a sentence long before the establishment of justice systems and since that time has been a highly contested debate. With the advent and addition of justice systems, much of the topics of debate have remained the same with proponents arguing both sides and citing information to support their claim. Debates over whether capital punishment as a threat deters future crimes, the repercussions of making a legal mistake in handing a death sentence, and the morality of the issue are fiercely contested. I argue in favor of capital punishment by disproving the opposing side’s arguments and providing support for pro-capital punishment. One of the major topics of debate, in relation to the death penalty, refers to deterrence and how well the threat of death as a punishment works to deter criminals from engaging in serious crimes. There have been mixed results from both supporting and opposing groups drawing their data from studies conducted in the early 1900’s to present times. The opposing group cites data that is dated and rely on studies that show very little significance between the concept of deterrence and its effectiveness at hindering crime. When the capital punishment was reintroduced in 1976 after a four-year moratorium, it came on the heels of discrediting studies on the deterrent effect of capital punishment. Despite this, Justice Potter Stewart cited inconclusive studies but still concluded that “the death penalty undoubtedly is a

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