The Pros And Cons Of Cohabitation Before Marriage

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The Pros and Cons of Cohabitation before Marriage
Social scientists have defined cohabitation as a situation where two adults, male and female live together in a relationship that is intimate and non-marital. The two make living arrangements without legal bounds to stay together before getting married. In most of the countries and in this case in the United States, cohabitation is a common feature among the American family life (Stokes & Raley, n.d). It has become a typical pathway to marriage hence becoming a central part of the family landscape for adults and children and this is common in the United States (Mosailova, 2014).
Research made by the National Survey of Family Growth indicates that approximately 58 percent of …show more content…

The two want to spend adequate time together and get to understand what is required of them when they get married (Alvare, 2012). In this 21st century, family roles have changed because women today are exposed to life at colleges, get good jobs and also own their apartments meaning that they are free to cohabitate before they get married. This is totally different from traditional families whereby women could only leave their home when heading to their husband 's homestead. When the two cohabitate they have more time after work to spend together and also developing routines around daily life and this is essential because it helps in building their relationship (Mosailova, 2014).
Moreover, when the two cohabitate, they have the opportunity to learn each other 's habits before they say ‘I do’. In the process, the partners test their relationship and also presumably prevent divorce in the future. The median duration of cohabitation is 1.3 years and research has shown that 40 percent of the cohabiting partners break up and this occurs after testing the relationship if good or bad (Alvare, 2012).
When they cohabitate, they learn each other behaviors in terms of personal characteristics and develop strategies to work together and also respect each other. Many young people plan to stay together to see if they can really put up with each other after marriage. In the process,

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