The Pros And Cons Of College Athletes

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Athletics has become a large influence on alumni as they apply for their desired college. The average college environment has a mass glorification of their sports teams and their student athletes, which raises questions: Are student athletes taking away academic importance from colleges? Is college athletics simplifying academics for athletes? Should colleges pay their student athletes to play for extra curricular sports? The reality is that college athletes must remain unpaid in order to preserve the rest of the college environment inside and outside of campus. These amateur athletes, being unpaid, help to build a community of hardworking individuals, reduce the “buying” of players, and fund campus improvements and academic departments. It is a common misconception that student athletes have it easy in college. More often than not, these alumni have to work rigorously and without rest; the setting of high expectations from the start make it a tough learning experience. Members from West Chester University,Jacqueline S. Hodes, Tammy James, Gerardina Martin, and Kellianne Milliner, made a report named “Go for the Win: A Collaborative Model for Supporting Student-Athletes,” and in it, they stated, “From their first day on campus, student-athletes at the Division II level are required to meet specific academic benchmarks in order to continue their participation in athletic competition. These academic benchmarks help to support the student-athlete in maintaining progress toward

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