The Pros And Cons Of Football

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Football has always been a sport about strength and size. Players would use their strength and size to hurt other people to score a few points. For this reason, Football has become a very popular sport in the United States for many decades. However, since football is based on a person’s size and strength, many coaches around the world have begun to plump up their players to make them more hard-hitting and threatening causing teams to have an advantage over other the teams. With many teams trying to obtain the same goals, many football players have become overweight throughout the years. The main reason for this enlargement of players is due to the diets that players consume daily. The Super Bowl I picture takes place in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on January 15th 1967. During the first Super Bowl, players could block each other below the waist. This move was known as chop blocking. During the time when chop blocking was allowed, it was difficult to be large. This was because when someone was top heavy they would be at a disadvantage due to players focus on the lower body (). However, in 1970, the Rules Committee voted unanimously to ban chop block because the move was considered unethical. This was because it seemed to be causing serious knee and ankle injuries. The result was probably fewer knee and ankle injuries, but the rule change precipitated a huge boom in weight lifting and weight gaining (). Players now needed to be big and sturdy to extend their arms out

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