The Pros And Cons Of GMO

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What is a GMO? GMO is an acronym for “genetically modified organisms”. A genetically modified organism is a type of plant or animal that has been modified in a laboratory where the scientist took genes from another plant, bacteria, viruses, insects, animals or even human and forced it into the genes of the original organism to modify it so it can do different things. Scientist genetically modify organisms that way they can have qualities so they can last longer. They also modify them because people around the world enjoy it more than they enjoyed the original object. A common question that people ask about GMO’s is “Will GMO’s solve and end world hunger”. The answer is it could go either way. GMO’s can help people solve their hunger if they have the right surrounding soil and supporting fertilizers and water, but if they don't it won't solve anything. In my opinion gmo’s can help but it won't end world hunger. The gmo’s we have today will probably not help because there are only certain things and certain conditions you can grow them in and with. Although if you do have those conditions they will be very helpful to you and the people around you, but overall it is your opinion on whether it can help or not. Some examples of GMO’s and how they changed the original organism and modified it. The first example Is a “Cutie” the scientist changed the organism which was an orange and modified it to have no seeds that way it would be easier for kids to eat it. The second example

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