The Pros And Cons Of Gene Therapy

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Is gene therapy a necessity in today’s age or a disaster waiting to happen? Gene therapy, or genetic modification, is the act of deleting, inserting, or substituting genetic code in one’s DNA. Although there are hopes that this kind of operation will overall improve the health of many, such as curing genetic diseases, infertility, and preventing miscarriages, the possible negative outcomes of gene therapy outweigh the possible favorable outcomes. With this in mind, one question arises: is gene therapy the way to go? Gene therapy should not be pursued because it is seen as morally/religiously wrong, it could create a new genetic problem that cannot be fixed, and the possibility of abusing this new technology.

One reason gene modification should not be pursued is because it is a controversial procedure. Many people believe that genetic modification is morally unjust because it can be classified as “playing God”. Popular religions, such as Christianity and Catholicism, believe in the higher being of God. They believe God created everything, including all living and nonliving organisms. Because of these beliefs, they view the act of tampering with genetic code and DNA is counted as tampering with God’s creation, or “playing God”. Along with this, many people strongly oppose of the way scientists test this operation. To test gene therapy, scientists take a genetically modified human embryo and let it grow up to seven days, with the assurance that the embryo will be terminated

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