The Pros And Cons Of Global Warming

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Global warming is a subject that has remained up for debate for many years. Global warming which also can be called climate change is the rise in the average temperature of the earth climate system and its connected effects. In the past century, the force and activities of humans have disrupted the natural cycle of climate change that lawmakers, scientist, and environmentalist are working hard to reverse.
Natural Versus Anthropogenic Climate Changes.
Climate change is defined as any change that is happening to the earth’s climate either permanently or for a period of time. Climate changes and global warming have two factors that contribute to the ongoing fluctuations, which are anthropogenic climate change and the natural climate change (Hanania, Pomerantz, & Donev, 2017). Anthropogenic climate change is defined as the human impression on Earth's climate while natural climate changes are the natural climate cycles that have been occurring since the beginning of time (Hanania, Pomerantz, & Donev, 2017).
In the past Earth’s climate has changed depending on the amount of incoming and outgoing energy. The significant factors that contribute to the Earth’s natural climate change can be determined by the Earth's path around the sun, the output of energy from our sun, the ocean’s normal cooling and warming cycles and the continual unpredictability in volcanic activity. An example of natural climate change would be El Nino which relied on the natural winds and ocean currents.

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