The Pros And Cons Of Globalization

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As we know, globalization resulted in a more integrated and globalized world where country to country relationship has increased and relationship between nations converted all the countries around the world to a single globalized world. The two most important driving forces of globalization is the decline in barriers between nations meaning the increase level of export/import and sharing between nations and countries around the world. The second driving forces is technological changes and innovations that made it possible for countries to connect well and communicate matters that concern not only individual countries but the entire globe. Before discussing the two main driving forces of globalization in details, it is worth mentioning that globalization had many positive impact on our world such as uniting the world against common threat such as dealing with diseases, exchange of health related important research; innovations that benefited people all over the world, providing access to people from all over the world to online educational resources, creating millions of jobs opportunities as a result of business exchanges between nations, and others. Technological changes and innovation as the first driving force of globalization has been significantly effecting the world’s globalized system. Technological changes in the area of health, journalism, education, medicine, and government is considered the most important part of our current globalized world

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