The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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The left-wing progressives and the NRA (National Rifle Association) have been fighting over gun control for many years. In his article, Mark Cooper addresses both sides propagating for and against guns, concluding that Gun Control Is a Misfire. Both sides of this argument are theatrically explained, leading to a never-ending war between gun controllers, and gun owners. This article raises some good points in support of gun control while at the same time gives multiple reasons why gun control will end up being ineffective. In Cooper’s article, gun violence is assessed, and counterarguments are given to support his outlook on gun-control. He explains that “in 2015 America was bloodied by a staggering 355 mass shootings” (p. 12), and that the Democrats use this as fuel for the promotion of gun control laws. He further explains that gun control will not reduce murders, and that over half of Americans think that gun-related murders are steadily increasing. Also, in the article, it is said that two-thirds of gun-related killings are suicides. He also talks about the suicide and homicide percentages by race. He states that most of the gun killings from whites are suicides, and most of the gun killings from African Americans are homicides. While gun violence appears to be an issue, Cooper states that the NRA has donated a great amount of money for blocking the medical research on guns. In addition, they have been instrumental in stopping the FBI from keeping approved background

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