The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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For many years, the controversial topic of gun control has been viewed as a violation of American’s rights. Owning a gun seemed suitable and tolerable, but over the past years, gun control has been thought of a debatable resolution. Currently, the possession of guns is a right for all citizens; if guns are used for protection or for hobbies, it should be seen as a privilege. However, the issue lies in the contradistinction in opinion of whether or not the enforcement of gun control will help protect citizens. With much speculation, this topic has become a compelling argument, because of the popular belief that guns are unnecessary and can cause damage, but that is not the case. According to the United States Constitution, all citizens have a right to own handguns and stricter laws and licensing will not effectively save lives. The Second Amendment is the epitome of gun ownership rights, which claims that people have the right to bear arms. With a topic like gun control, it would be disputing the Constitution’s right of gun ownership. The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution was written over two hundred years ago and has changed a lot in America since that time: “Guns are a huge of American culture. They are in movies, television, and the news (Cross, 6)”. Others feel that stricter laws will not solve the problem of gun-related violence since existing laws are already being ignored. The Court also listed regulations to owning a gun, such as concealed weapons

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