What are Hate Crimes?

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Throughout history, crimes have been committed worldwide. Murder, assault, and other crimes have been dealt with some kind of punishment, but one crime stays unnoticed and not cared about. Hate crimes, a major conflict in communities, have been showing up without anyone noticing. People sometimes commit them unaware of the consequences due to the lack of understanding what a hate crime really is. A hate crime is a motive to hurt or insult a certain group of people. It is more harsh and dangerous than most crimes because it not only affects the victim, but the whole group of that victim’s characteristic. With the underestimation of hate crimes, murder, assault, and other crimes will increase highly.
Underestimating hate crimes were a result of past experiences of humans. The first occurrence, even though not reported as a hate crime, happened in 64AD by the Romans. During the reign of the Roman Empire, various religions other than Christianity were introduced. The Romans did not tolerate something other than their beliefs, so they exiled, tortured, and killed the believers of the new faiths. This is a clear example of a hate crime. The Romans are prejudice to other religions, thus they committed other crimes against that group of people. Since there was not any laws against hate crimes back then, it seemed okay to persecute people because of their differences. This planted a seed in everyone’s mind, prosecutors and victims, that bias-related crimes were a normal thing. The
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