The Pros And Cons Of Higher Education

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For many young people, college is mostly a way to get the education they need for further professional activity. Some students study eagerly, others drudge through it, but all of them understand that without graduating from a college or university, future perspectives are rather dim. Anyways, many students after completing higher education and getting employed in a company or starting their own business tend to think that attending an educational institution was the last time they had to study. What such people do not realize is that studying is, in fact, one of the biggest services one can do for oneself.

A certain set of skills obtained during the years in a college or university implies that a person continues working in the same field for years. This person may become highly proficient in their area of work, and may change companies he or she works in or climb the career ladder—and there is nothing wrong with that. However, if this person feels fed up with what they are doing, and would want to realize themselves in a completely new field, there is a drawback: a minimal amount of education obtained during one’s student years might not be suitable for this. For example, a person who studied journalism and worked as a journalist in a news agency feels that he or she cannot continue working there anymore; what he or she wants now is to become a designer. There are two options for such a person: either to keep dreaming about the desired job while continuing to work in a

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