The Pros And Cons Of Hydraulic Frracturing

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Case: A gas rich shale formation was discovered in the county by Energy for Everyone Corp (EFE). EFE has submitted a proposal to the state oil and gas commission to drill and hydraulic fracture to capture the gas. A town hall meeting was convened for stakeholders to express their views on EFE’s proposal. Present the viewpoint of your character by answering the following questions: Do you believe that hydraulic fracturing should be permitted in the county? Why or why not? Use information from the course resources to support your viewpoint and incorporate what you discovered in this week’s Biblical Perspective. When we look at all scenarios collectively, we discover that bringing hydraulic fracturing to this county is not in the best …show more content…

P., & Cunningham, M. A., 2017, p. 310). So, in addition to water pollution, this type of disruption can cause unneeded air pollution within our area. Furthermore, when considering this case against what we find in the Holy Bible, we discover that God is warning us not to set our hearts and minds on what we can get for ourselves. But rather, He is telling us that we need to be “rich toward God” (Luke 12:21, New International Version). In addition, when we examine another area of the Bible, we find that we cannot serve God and money concurrently; we can either serve one or the other (Matthew 6:24). The idea is that we follow the second commandment; and that is to love our neighbors as ourselves (Matthew 22:39). Therefore, the overarching theme here in this case is yes, there is a lot of money at stake; however, we must examine our motives and determine whether or not taking that money is in the best interest of everyone. I believe that this approach pleases the Lord. Altogether, hydraulic fracturing causes extreme damage to our precious underground water sources in addition to negatively impacting the faultless residents within our communities. Fracking has the power to divide a

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