The Pros And Cons Of Limit Firearms

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Limit Firearms? I understand that people want to create more limitations to access firearms because they are associated with suicide rates. However, I feel as if this viewpoint is focused on the emotional aspect of the situation, not from a factual standpoint. What people tend to ignore is that by limiting access to firearms will not change a person’s motivation to want to end their life. They will merely find another route. To an extent, creating more limitations on firearms could help, but I do not feel as if it would help to the extent that people would want to believe that it would. In the Washington Post, there was a segment how Shannon had committed suicide with her family firearm. While I notice that a family could take that personally that she would end her life as she did, I think they took it to an extreme extent. They did not teach her how to kill herself. When a tragic event occurs as this, people tend to take things out of proportion. In the end, they are not logically looking at the situation. When people merely focus on what happened not why is happening, they start to draw conclusions that are illogical. People have the want to blame something or someone instead of seeing that they are ignoring where the lines are actually connecting. People look at the statistics that will support what they want. They stated that states that the lowest gun ownership rates will also have lower suicide rates. However, I would be interested in where they are getting their

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