The Pros And Cons Of Marine Architecture

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Over the centuries mathematics has played a crucial role in how society functions; constantly impacting how we understand the economy, why things behave the way they do, how we use and create new technology, and much more. For the people who enjoy working on mathematics some careers to keep in mind are marine architecture, an economist, an actuary, an aerospace engineer, a mathematician, or a physicist. First off, what does a marine architect do? They are responsible for constantly test and record the data of the ship performance, make sure the equipment works, make sure the repairs and any changes are performed safe and at a low cost, and much more. For people looking to become a marine architect the type of math they will be using is trigonometry, analysis, calculus, troubleshooting, and design in their line of work. The type of degree required is a “bachelor’s degree in marine engineering, naval engineering, or marine technology.” (Marine Engineer…). There’re also important skills such as “communication skills, ingenuity, interpersonal skills, math skills, and problem-solving skills” (Marine Engineer…). The pay of a marine architect is based on where they decide to work, such as, “Federal government, excluding postal services: $97,500 [per year] …Other professional, scientific, and technical services: $71,220 [per year]” (Marine Engineer…). Overall, being a marine architect requires a person to have a bachelor’s degree and variety of skills and where they decide to work
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