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Senior Reflective Essay Over the years I have heard stories from my relatives about how much I would like painting my aunts’ nails, wearing my mother’s heels, and debating everyday on what I wanted to wear for school. Matching my clothes, having my nails painted, and having my hair nicely done everyday, were a must for me as a child. Along with always trying to enhance my composition, I have had a love for shopping ever since I remember. Although fashion has always been a focal point in my interests, there has been another prominent factor, which also relates to my career choice just as fashion does. Math is the answer to anybody who asked me what my favorite subject in school was, making it another one of my passions in life. The process…show more content…
My interest has always leaned more towards looking fashionable and doing well in school. I may sound a bit conceited, but in all honesty I have always been interested in trying new and different styles when dressing up, in order to look intriguing or different. My academic learning, on the other hand, has always outweighed my total focus, despite my appearance. My education level has been a very important value to me ever since I remember. Religion, family, and education are my top three priorities and valued treasures. The value that I apply to them is so much that I do not lower my integrity to succeed in any of them. Truth would be a major factor of integrity that I apply to all three of my priorities. Not only am I true to my savior and relatives, but also to my educators and myself. The road to graduation has been a series of hills. From Pre-K to fourth grade my family and I moved constantly from Georgia to Texas and vise versa, thus meaning that I had been new to the same two schools for a total of four times. Once permanently residing in Texas my fourth-grade year, I began to have more friends and I was able to focus more on my studies. Ever since then my two passions for style and business have only grown into my current path. Starting my freshman year at high school with classes that lead towards my career choice and continuing my search even now, will help me have a better aspect on what I want my future to look like. In other words, I

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