The Pros And Cons Of Mass Shootings

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As of October, there have been 350 mass shootings in the United States in 2017 alone. With data from the Mass shooter tracker, it shows that from 2013-2017 2,592 people were killed and another 7,305 people were left wounded. The federal Bureau of investigators defines a mass shooting as “the murdering of four or more people with no ‘cooling off’ period between murders.” Mass shootings are at the center of most debates when it comes to cum control laws. A mass shooting can take place anywhere from an airport, office building, or even school. Why do people commit mass shootings? What can people do to help prevent mass shootings? On October 1, 2017, Stephen Paddock killed 58 people and wounded nearly 500 others from the thirty-second …show more content…

The shooter was Adam Lanza who killed his mother then went to her job, Sandy Hook Elementary. Once Lanza arrived at the school, he shoots his way through the security door and kill the principal, school psychologist and injured the vice principal. Next, he moves classroom to classroom killing students and teachers before killing himself. Tragic events like Columbine and Sandy Hook are at the center of topics such as gun control and gun laws, along with school safety policies. Mass shootings are not easy to predict or prevent. There are many theories on how we can stop these senseless acts from happening such as stricter gun laws. Laws that would make it a lot harder for the average person to buy guns and parts such as automatic weapons or extended magazines. While there are many laws around the sale of guns in the United States to try to prevent just anyone from getting a gun, according to MSMBC “ More than 80% of guns used in mass shootings are obtained legally.” That means most of the people committing these acts bought their guns legally and a license for the gun as well. A mass shooting is an unpredictable event that can not be prevented, but you can prepare for it. Homeland security has created a guide to serving an active shooter situation. The method that was created is called the: Run, hide, fight. If someone is ever in an active shooter situation the first thing one is advised to do is run. Try to get out as fast and quietly

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