The Pros And Cons Of Mobile Phone Technology

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Introduction The domain chosen for this project is technology. I chose this field because of my strong passion and interest for innovative technology. This report will involve various datasets such as Statistics analysis of science, technology and industry, Innovation statistics and indicators, Key biotechnology indicators among others. The questions that I plan to answer in this analysis are: 1. What are the aadvantages and disadvantages of mobile phone technology? 2. Does technology enhance our cognition? 3. Does the development of biotechnology have any impact on social and economic lives? 4. How many counterfeit mobile phones are sold globally per year? 5. How has mobile phone technology influenced global tourism? 6. Do mobile phones cause peer pressure in children and youth? 7. What are some of the current mobile phone pricing structures and trends? 8. Which countries have the lowest phone call charges? 9. What are some of the key indicators of technological innovation? 10. What is the contribution of biotechnology firms towards employment and productivity? The data sets to be used for this analysis will be sourced from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) website. According to information from the OECD website, the datasets created therein were intended for improving the social and economic welfare of people from all over the world. They are sued by governments to initiate collaborations and share experiences with an aim of seeking

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