The Pros And Cons Of Movies In Movies

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Ever since I was able to open my eyes, I’ve watched countless movies from countless of different movie franchises. I’ve watched some of the best movies ever made, and some of the worst movies ever made too. That includes watching the movies made from small and unknown movie franchises to large and famous franchises. Watching movies is like a hobby for me; every weekend, I would watch a brand new movie in the theatre or search for a amazing movie that I have not seen before. With the experience of watching a countless number of movies, I know out of all the movie franchises, Marvel Cinematic Universe is by far the best movie franchise, having the highest movie ratings and the largest Worldwide Box Office and Domestic Box Office. Marvel Cinematic Universe has made 22 movies so far, but only released 17, and those 17 have been amazing to watch. The movies have the highest average on Rotten Tomatoes. The average Rotten Tomatoes is about 83%, which is relatively high considering it is the average. Rotten Tomatoes is a system to determined by people whether the movie is good or bad. It is in percentages, the higher the percentage the better the movie is. The most recent movie, Spider-man Homecoming was especially entertaining to watch. It has 92% Rotten Tomatoes which is outstanding. The movie with the highest rating from Marvel Cinematic Universe of 94% Rotten Tomatoes is Iron Man (Giles). Iron Man was actually the first movie that Marvel had produced and released. It was a
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