The Pros And Cons Of National Security

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National Security Limitations

For the Past ten to twenty years the main topic in politics and national news has been National Security, the National Security Agency and terrorism. For many adults and military personnel there is a constant everyday concern about border security and the nation's security from terrorism. There are everyday threats from terrorist; anywhere from shootings to nuclear attacks that could put the American people in immediate danger. With the United States being one of the leading countries in the world, it puts the American people up to higher threats from the nation's enemies For the sake of national security many would argue that it is necessary to give up some personal freedoms and information to be
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The United States is continuously strengthening the military, which is a positive reinforcement for strength but lacks leading with purpose without the strategic purpose to effectively keep the nation safe. According to in “Fact Sheet: The 2015 National Security Stratagy”, “Maintaining a national defense that is the best trained, equipped, and led force in the world while honoring our promises to service members, veterans, and their families.” (President Obama, page 7) The majority of the american population wants the nation to be safe from terrorism and other threats, which comes to equipping and providing for the military and its families. Even with budget cuts veterans and families have not been taken care of to the peoples standards. According to and the National Security pdf, they United States government believed that they have made the homeland “more secure” since President Obama has taken office. But they also state that the United States government has to “continue to learn to adapt and evolve from threats and hazards.” The United States government believes that the best way to successfully secure the homeland is to secure the borders, improve upon information sharing and to improve cooperation skills between countries. To improve upon sharing information it would include that they would have to make it more difficult to download and share everyday public information. According to in the “2015 National Security PDF”, They have used “Through risk-based approaches, we have countered terrorism and transnational organized crime in ways that enhance commerce, travel, and tourism and, most fundamentally, preserve our civil liberties.” (President Obama, page 7) Which will test how they control the country at home and abroad; and how they communicate with other foreign leaders to keep ties between countries civil and
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