The Pros And Cons Of Non-Traditional Families

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During the 1990’s, a total of 71.5 million children under the age of 18 lived within the U.S. Of these children more than 70% lived in a traditional two-parent family, 25% lived with one parent, and less than four percent of children lived with another relative. As of 2013, about 46% of children live in a traditional two-parent family. The remaining 54% are divided into three categories: 15% live with two parents remarried, 34% live with a single parent, and five percent live without a parent. Studies show that children who live in an non-traditional family are at a greater disadvantage than children living in a traditional family. Children who live in non-traditional families are at a higher risk of experiencing economic and psychological/health …show more content…

Using the 2003 National Survey of Children’s health, researchers were able to deduce the health differences between different types of families. In terms of physical health, most families produce children with excellent physical health. There is only a small margin of change between different types of families. However, mental health and special needs are drastically higher among non-traditional families than traditional families. Problems with emotional and behavioral control rise from five percent in traditional families to fourteen percent in blended step-families. Children from these families also experience poorer dental health. Bad health not only affects the way a child feels and operates, but it can also affect them later on in life. Many companies that would employ a high school dropout do not offer health insurance. Since a percentage of people from non-traditional families experience bad health, they are more likely to get turned down when they apply for life insurance. A lack of health insurance can prevent people from getting specific medications they may need to treat some of their health problems. Non-traditional families are ultimately responsible for poor health in their

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