The Pros And Cons Of Plagiarism In College

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Add a Dash of Honesty for a Better Result Being a college student is difficult. College requires plenty of work. Some students have other things to do besides going to school; some of them need to work in order to pay for their tuition. When school is not the only thing students have to worry about, they might get behind in their classes, but they cannot fail them, so they have to find out a way to stay in both their job and school. A large number of students make the decision of cheating; they do it so often that suddenly it becomes a habit. Nowadays, plagiarism is extremely popular. Students do not like using their brain anymore; they rather copy and paste. To avoid plagiarism, students should do their own work, learn how to cite in a proper form, and understand that plagiarism can result in a failing grade.
One of the easiest ways to avoid plagiarism is for students to actually do their own work. “Plagiarism, in comparison, is the act of stealing and passing off someone else's ideas or words as one's own…” (Dames). This means that plagiarism can occur when someone steals someone else’s work and use it as theirs, or when they copy something from the internet. If students are honest with their papers, then they will not commit plagiarism; all they have to do is use their own ideas because if they keep trying, they are going to get better at writing. On the other hand, people who are constantly cheating will never be able to do something of their own.

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