The Pros And Cons Of Plastic Surgery

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Plastic Surgery has become a wide topic in the United States. Plastic surgery is also known as, the reconstruction surgery that involves the restoration of a function to a damaged body part and the rebuilding of normal physical contours when parts of the body such as the nose, jaw, ears, or fingers are missing or disfigured. Throughout the years, plastic surgery has become a well-known surgery. The overall percentage on plastic surgery dropped by forty percent for the first time in a decade, total cosmetic procedures for women and men dropped below thirty-one thousand that was the lowest since the year od 2006. I believe that plastic surgery has very many cons towards it. There are many statistics that prove that plastic surgery can be a harmful idea to the body. However, there is also many positive thoughts when looking at the overall picture with plastic surgery. According to the article “Plastic Surgery” pit is often done for purely cosmetic reasons, to remove blemished, make unusual contours more normal, or improve self-esteem. Plastic surgery has caused many people to reach the cancer stage, or even pass away from coming in contact with plastic surgery. While many feels that plastic surgery has many benefits, it actually has many health risks.
When women see other half- dressed girls in television shows, movies, and magazines, "they believe they must look like that in order to have any value as women, opponents say" ("Teenage Girls and Plastic Surgery"). Women feel as

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