The Pros And Cons Of Pterosaurs

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Neither bats nor birds, pterosaurs were considered reptiles. And although scientists have long debated where exactly pterosaurs fit on the reptile’s family tree, it has been proven time and again that they were close cousins to dinosaurs but just evolved on a different family line. The top theory as of now among scientists is that pterosaurs, crocodiles, and dinosaurs are closely related to each other as a group. In the kingdom of Animalia, these three belong to a group known as archosaurs. The Prehistoric Flying Reptiles Pterosaurs flourished during the age of dinosaurs, more than 150 million years ago. The earliest of their kinds are small flying reptiles. Yes, they do fly, with long tails and sturdy bodies and surprisingly, some were also extraordinarily large. However, roughly …show more content…

The Argument That Young Pterosaurs Weren’t Flightless Other authors of the study add a good point, opposing that their discovery doesn’t necessarily prove that the young pterosaurs were born flightless. Michael Habib, one of the authors and a paleontologist at the University of Southern California, claimed that the wings are more robust compared to the hind limbs. Furthermore, Habib said that the structure and the bone share are both integral to tell the strength of the species. The other researchers suspect that some juvenile, eggs, and adult individuals were washed away from the nesting site due to the storm in the lake, where later on they were fossilized. Unwin further said that it is possible that a group of female pterosaurs may have laid their eggs in the same area, which is the same thing to sea turtles that return to the same ocean or beaches each year to lay

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