The Pros And Cons Of Sexism In Doctor Who

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The leading role in “Doctor Who” being changed from male to female caused a big outburst in sexism. The role is made for a male and it being twelve out of thirteen of the lords being male we were expecting to see a male. The role is not for a female and all the women are catching backlash for the way the show took turns. They switched roles to keep the show from being cancelled. Fans are feeling like women are trying to take over and during the show. Showing signs of sexism. Critics and all the ugly parts of the world. There’s no non-sexist reason to be upset about the lead role being changed to a female bringing more conflict and distribution to fans. We as people are very opinionated which only makes matters worse. Having that mindset of we have freedom of speech for a reason meaning I’m going to say whatever I feel to voice my input whether it's good or bad. Positive or negative we are going to say it. This could put maybe over half the world in the sexist category just because we can have our opinion. We have to have some type of negativity some type of wrong in us or around us. There are two different categories: Feminist or Sexist. Feminism meaning Women are equal to Men no matter the category, and sexism meaning being a particular situation, attitude and or behavior towards one gender. i think we don't know the meaning of these words or the differences of these two loosely used words. Then we have this controversy of calling ourselves feminist with the definition of a

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