The Pros And Cons Of Sexual Orientation In America

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Tocqueville saw America’s problems and knew it would lead to our current state. Tocqueville stated that democracy would lead to individualism and materialism. Today, Americans are apathetic towards many things. Instead of attempting to understand a subject, they don’t want to deal with it. When issues emerge, Americans want the government to take charge and end the debate by passing a law. For example, sexual orientation has been a widely-debated issue. There are two main sides: pro-LGBTQIA+ and those against LGBTQIA+. Those who are against LGBTQIA want the government to step in and make it illegal. But think about how ridiculous it is to outlaw something that is so personal. Sexual orientation does not affect others. People do not bleed every time they meet someone who is gay. Still, they want to control other people’s lives and who they choose to love. Government has taken a bigger role that the founding fathers were against. Government was only supposed to protect and provide for the people. Today, it has a much bigger role in individual’s personal lives. It is taking on the issues of sexual orientation, gender, which bathroom a transgender must use, and much more. These issues are social issues that the government should not be involved in. There is so much more that needs the attention of government officials. For example, the education system, healthcare, tax reform, war, and more. The power we have given government can lead to a tyranny. The more power given to the

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